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Write BrainsWrite Brain Sessions are free mini-workshops on the craft of writing, business of writing, and the writer’s life.  Watch for them in Colorado Springs on the third Tuesday of most months. Pikes Peak Writers began offering monthly Write Brain workshops in 2004.

Always playing to a good-sized crowd that has continued to grow over the years, the Write Brain workshops deal with the craft of writing and also look at the business side. Everything from promotion to understanding your characters to writing action scenes to handling taxes and copyright issues–the Write Brain workshops cover the wide variety of topics writers need to know.

With such wonderful presenters as Mario Acevedo, Lynda Sandoval, Deb Coonts, Todd Fahnestock and many, many more, we’ve explored the genres of romance, mystery, thrillers, urban fantasy, traditional fantasy, science fiction, horror and young adult. We’ve brought in editors, agents and publishers. Police officers and sociology professors. Lawyers and best-selling authors. We’ve discussed poetry with our local poet laureate and analyzed best-selling novels with those in the know.

The Write Brains are a dynamic part of PPW’s interaction with the writing community, both in Colorado and beyond. We hope you’ll join us!

September Write Brain

What: Self-Publishing: The Good, The Bad, & The In-Between
Who: Steve Burt “The Sinister Minister”
When: Tuesday, September 16, 6:30 to 8:30 PM
Where: Carnegie Room, Penrose Library, 20 North Cascade Avenue, Colorado Springs (parking on street and in parking lot at meters is free after 6:00 PM)
More Information: Self-publishing is becoming more commonplace and has shown itself to be a feasible alternative to traditional publishing. But what are the pros and cons? The details? The real nitty gritty? Steve Burt, an award winning self-published author, will address, among other topics, writing, editing, self promotion, and publishing options (print, e-book, and audio). Find out where to begin and how to carry it through to book sales.
About the Presenter: Steve Burt first appeared on readers’ radar in 2004 when he won the coveted Bram Stoker Award, horror’s top prize, for a collection of weird tales called Oddest Yet. Then when FreeK Camp and FreeK Show came out, two novels about psychic and paranormal teens, his following grew. Critics loved them, too, and the series won 20 international awards. Now the buzz is out that FreeK Week, releasing July 24, is the best one yet. Steve writes full-time and lives in Florida with his wife/editor Jolyn. You can find out more at www.steveburtbooks.com.

October Write Brain

What: Building Suspense in Your Writing: Engage Readers by Hooking Them Into the Story
Who: Stephen Coonts
When: Tuesday, October 21, 6:30 to 8:30 PM
Where: Carnegie Room, Penrose Library, 20 North Cascade Avenue, Colorado Springs (parking on street and in parking lot at meters is free after 6:00 PM)
More Information: Suspense is an important tool in your writing, no matter what genre you work in. It cultivates the need to read on, driving the pacing of your story and the inability to put that book down. Want to hook your readers and make them beg for more? Make them wonder what’s going to happen next. Stephen Coonts, bestselling thriller author, will give you the lowdown on how to build suspense in your writing, whether you write thrillers or romance, fantasy or YA, or anything in between.
About the Presenter: Stephen Coonts is the author of innumerable New York Times bestsellers, the first of which was the classic flying tale, Flight of the Intruder. Mr. Coonts has been a Navy pilot, a lawyer specializing in oil and gas law, a taxi driver, and a police officer. However, the success of his first novel allowed him to devote himself full-time to his writing. Flight of the Intruder was turned into a major motion picture in 1991, and his books have been widely translated and republished around the globe. His newest novel, Saucer: Savage Planet, is available now. You can find out more at www.coonts.com.

November Write Brain

What: Marketing Panel: What You Need to Know About Marketing, Book Launches, and Platform Building
Who: Sue Mitchell, Deb Courtney, Jessica McDonald, Jennie Marts, and Ashley Bazer
When: Tuesday, November 18, 6:30 to 8:30 PM
Where: Carnegie Room, Penrose Library, 20 North Cascade Avenue, Colorado Springs (parking on street and in parking lot at meters is free after 6:00 PM)
More Information: Marketing is a vital skill for any writer. What types of marketing work? How do you put together a press kit? When is the right time to begin building your platform? How do you throw a successful book launch? These questions and more will be answered by our panel of professionals and published authors. This will be primarily a Q&A.
About the Presenter: Panelist information will be added soon.

December Write Brain

What: Finding the Perfect Outline
Who: Kevin Ikenberry
When: Tuesday, December 16, 6:30 to 8:30 PM
Where: Carnegie Room, Penrose Library, 20 North Cascade Avenue, Colorado Springs (parking on street and in parking lot at meters is free after 6:00 PM)
More Information: An overview of the Seven-Point Story Structure compared to the “Hollywood Formula.” Designed with the assistance of Hugo Award winning editor Lou Anders, this presentation guides writers through examples of story structure as well as an explanation of where many stories fall flat and why. From the emotional connection of a reader to a character, participants learn that merely structuring a story is not enough. Participants will learn the difference between the structure types, their similarities, and what it takes to break the mold and construct a structure that works for their work, be it short stories or novel-length fiction.
About the Presenter: Kevin Ikenberry is an internationally published science-fiction and horror writer who lives and works in Colorado Springs.  The author of more than fifty short stories and a handful of novels needing a home, Kevin is a member of the Fiction Foundry, Pikes Peak Writers, and an alumna of the Superstars Writing Seminar. Find out more at www.kevinikenberry.com.
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