PPW brings industry experts and experienced authors together with passionate writers who want to improve their craft, enhance their opportunities for success, and become true professionals in the world of writing.

Who Are Pikes Peak Writers?

We are people who write.  We’re novelists, short story writers, journalists and journalers.  We’re the writers of genre fiction, memoirs, nonfiction,  microfiction, screenplays, literary fiction and improv.  We’re technical writers, ghost writers, academic writers and copywriters.  We’re playwrights, lyricists, travel writers and poets.  We come from a wide variety of ages, backgrounds and locales.  We’re complete beginners, multi-published best-selling authors, and every level of writer in between.  We are writers — people who write.

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PPW is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping writers learn, grow and thrive.  For some writers, paying for membership is a hardship.  We don’t want dues to stand in the way of writers benefiting from all PPW has to offer.

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