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Unfortunately, the member database is currently offline. All of the member information has been saved, and is secure. The webmaster is currently working on a replacement for the member network. Look for a new member network portion of the site sometime in mid-March. If you wish to join as a new member, please feel free to do so. Your information will reach the webmaster, and he will add you to the member network once the system is back online.

Thank you for your patience during our transition period.

Is My Information Safe?
Yes!  The PPW Member Network is an online FileMaker Pro database hosted on a secure server.  It contains absolutely NO information other than that which you provide and which is shown on the page.  There are no hidden fields.  Therefore, there is no risk of anyone accessing any information you don’t wish to publicly share.  And because it’s a database and not a webpage, you don’t have to worry about webcrawlers or spiders mining your data.
How Do I Add My Information to the PPW Member Network?
Inclusion in the PPW Member Network is 100% voluntary.  If you don’t see yourself in the database and wish to be included, you’ll first need to fill out the FREE PPW Membership form.  On the form, you’ll be given the option of opting into the database.  Please allow a week for your data to become visible to other users.
How Do I Correct or Change Information in my Existing Listing?
If your listing contains information that is incorrect or out of date, use the form on this page to send us an update.  Be sure to include a brief comment explaining what you wish to have changed.  Again, allow up to a week for changes to appear.
What Information is Available in the Network?  Do I Have to Share Everything?
The database contains ONLY the following fields:  First Name, Last Name, City, State, Genre, Email Address, Facebook Page, and Website.  You are free to include as much or as little information as you desire.  Simply indicate any specific instructions in either the Membership form when you sign up, or in the Modify form after your listing is live.
How Do I Get My Information Unlisted from the Network?
Use the form to the right and check the “Remove me from the Network” radio button.  If your request is urgent, please say so in the Comments field.
I’m Having Trouble Accessing the Database.
The PPW Member Network should appear in a separate pop-up window when you click the graphic above. Be sure to enable pop-up windows for the PPW website.  Once opened, the window can be resized or maximized to suit your needs.
I Can Only See 25 Records on My Screen.
Browser limitations allow for only 25 records at a time to be displayed.  You’ll need to use the yellow arrow buttons at the bottom of the screen to “flip” the pages back and forth and display more records.
How Do I Sort Information?
Simply click on the headers at the top of each column to sort alphabetically.  For instance, click the words “Last Name:” to sort the column by last name.
How Do I Search Information?
To search the database, click the green “Enter Find Mode” words above the listings.  The screen will change to find mode, allowing you to enter your search terms.  Once you’ve entered what you’re looking for, you MUST click the “Perform Find” words to conduct the search.  Pressing Enter does not work!
What Kind of Information Can I Search?
You can enter full or partial names, words, or numbers.  For instance, to find every member whose last name begins with “T”, simply put a “T” in the Last Name field.  Or, to find every member whose first name begins with “Ro” in Colorado, simply enter “Ro” in the first name field and “CO” in the state field.
I Don’t Think I’m Seeing All the Available Records  (Clear a Search)
After conducting a search, your found records are isolated into a separate view for easy sorting.  The number of found records is displayed in the lower left corner of the screen.  To clear the search and show all records again, click the “Show All Records” words at the top of the screen.
What Do the Icons Mean?
There are three icons used in the database:

  •   Email
  •   Website
  •   Facebook

These icons appear ONLY if the member has made that information available.  Simply click the email envelope to send the member an email, or click the globe / Facebook icon to access their online pages.  (These pages will open in a separate window.)

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