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Ride and Room SharingWe know times are tough and attending a writer’s conference might be a strain on your budget and resources. That’s why we’re happy to offer this opportunity to reach out to other PPWC attendees for help. Simply fill out the form below, and we’ll get your request / offer listed in postings on the bottom of this page. After that, it’s up to you!

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By clicking "Send", you grant Pikes Peak Writers permission to post your request on this web page for others to access. This is a service of convenience offered to conference attendees. Pikes Peak Writers is not responsible for any disputes or issues that may result from the use of this service. It is solely your responsibility to follow through on any connections or arrangements made through the information on this page.


Requests / Offers for PPWC 2016

Name: Timanda Wertz

Email: Timanda79@gmail.com

Offer: Share a room at the Marriott

Details: I’d like to split the cost of a room with another woman Friday and Saturday nights.

Name: Erin Casey

Email: erincasey09@gmail.com

Offer: I need a ride (to / from conference, airport, etc. Please provide times / airports)

Details: I’m going to be attending the conference, and I’ll need a ride from the train station in Denver, on Wednesday, to the Marriott. A friend of mine may be traveling with me to go to the conference as well. If you’re willing to give me (and possibly my friend) a ride, I’d be so thankful. I’ll pay for gas.

Name: Diane Popenhagen

Email: dianepopenhagen@gmail.com

Offer: I can provide a ride (to / from conference, airport, etc. Please provide times / airports), Share a room at the Marriott

Name: Donald Cochran

Email: djcochran2012@yahoo.com

Offer: Share a room at the Marriott

Details: I live in town but am thinking about getting a room. Does anyone want to split the cost?

Name: Ericka Sizemore

Email: erickasi2emore@yahoo.com

Offer: I need a ride to conference.

Details: I am flying in with Delta at the Colorado Springs Airport April 13th at approximately 8:25 P.M. I would be immensely grateful for anyone who knows of a shuttle for the Hotel Marriott in which I am staying or can offer a ride themselves. The hotel is twenty minutes from the airport. Thank you! I could spot some cash for petrol.

Name: Christy Smith

Email: wildinca@gmail.com

Offer: I need a ride (to / from conference, airport, etc. Please provide times / airports)

Details: I arrive on Wednesday April 14 at 11:10 am on Frontier Airline and leave again on Monday April 18 – will need to be at airport by 10 am.

Name: Ledema Renfrow


Offer: Share a room at the Marriott

Details: I plan to stay at the Marriott on Friday and Saturday night and would like to share the room with another female writer and of course share the cost of the room for those two nights.

Name: Patrick F. Smythe


Offer: Share a room at the Marriott

Details: I am attending the full conference, including the Thursday prequel. Please let me know is you want to share a room by March 10 so I can make reservations. I am 58, a scientific glassblower, and a resident of Aurora, CO. I am easy going. Note: I do snore, so I’m told. Also, I’m an active member of the Northern Colorado Writers Workshop.

Name: Tom Parker


Offer: I need a ride to/from conference.

Details: I need a ride from Denver and return. I will pay you.

Name: B.J. Smith


Offer: Share a room at the Marriott

Details: I’m a guy interested in sharing a room for Friday and Saturday nights.

PPWC At a Glance

When: April 15-17, 2016

Where: Colorado Springs Marriott
5580 Tech Center Drive
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80919
(719) 260-1800

Registration is now closed for 2016

Back By Popular Demand! Due to the positive feedback, we are continuing the payment plan option for the 2016 PPWC.

Thursday Programming: Pikes Peak Writers is pleased to bring back our overwhelmingly popular Thursday Prequel on Thursday, April 14, 2016.

Faculty (Editors, Agents, Authors, Etc.): Stay tuned for more information about our faculty as it develops.

Payment/Registration Methods: All registrations for Pikes Peak Writers Conference must be done through our partner, RegOnline. You can use any form of payment RegOnline’s secured web site will accept. Registration via postal mail, email, fax, or non-RegOnline methods will not be accepted. Payment methods that are not accepted via RegOnline may not be used.

Ride and Room Sharing: If you're in need of a shared ride or room, or if you have something to share, please check out our Ride and Room Sharing page.

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