We are in the process of assembling our faculty and workshops for PPWC2015.

If you would like to recommend/request an author or specialist or workshop please do so at the request a workshop page by September 30, 2014 to be considered for PPWC2015.

If you would like to propose a workshop of your own please do so at the proposals page by September 30, 2014 to be considered for PPWC2015.


Pikes Peak Writers is pleased to bring back our overwhelmingly popular Pre-Conference Programming on Thursday, April 24, 2014.  Why? Because 3 days is just not enough! This year, however, Thursday has a whole new identity: PPWC PREQUEL. This programming can be added to your PPWC Registration for an additional $85, or you can attend The Prequel ONLY for $135.  Lunch is included in your PPWC Prequel registration price.

Pair any one of the four morning workshops with one of the four afternoon workshops for your personalized PPWC PREQUEL experience.

  • Morning sessions run from 9 AM to Noon.
  • Afternoon sessions run from 1 PM to 4 PM.
  • During the Noon to 1 PM break, your boxed lunch will be delivered.

2014 PPWC Prequel Morning Programs:

Thursday Morning 1

  MURDER IN ASPEN LEAF (PART 1): Murder Scene To Murder Seen

Best for:        Writers of ANY genre who plan to include a murder scene in their work.

Presenters:  Tom Adair, Chris Herndon, Karl Herndon, Jax Daniels, Dan Bubis

Time:              9am-12pm

Squeamish be warned! Pikes Peak Writers will cause a scene… a murder scene! For writers of all levels, accuracy is an important goal and we are dying to help you get it right. Murder In Aspen Leaf will pull you in as experts walk you through a staged homicide, demonstrating what really happens. These professionals all have firsthand experience with a variety of crime scenes, now they want to help you learn the difference between fiction and reality. 9-1-1 calls trigger a chain of events that you will see unfold right in front of you. Watch as paramedics make first contact with the victim. Observe law enforcement officers as they process the murder scene. See the coroner as she inspects the deceased. Learn what the experts look for as they collect evidence that could help them solve the crime. This is the closest you will get to a murder without getting blood on your shoes. You may even get to ask a few questions, as long as you’re not the one being interrogated!

What to Bring: Note taking materials.

Thursday Morning 2

EDIT YOURSELF: Practical Steps To A Polished Manuscript

Best for:      Writers of ANY genre at an editing stage with their manuscript.

Presenter:  Tiffany Yates Martin

Time:            9am-12pm

Publishers and agents are growing increasingly selective and with the vibrant self-publishing arena gaining popularity, more writers than ever are competing for readership. If you want to stand out from the crowd, your work has to be as polished as it can be. Tiffany Yates Martin has spent more than two decades as an editor, helping authors hone their manuscripts. In her presentation, Tiffany will show authors how to approach editing their own work, and reveal specific steps EVERY author should take to make sure the vision in their head matches what’s actually on the page. With her presentation and in-class ‘live’ edits of participant’s manuscripts, you will see firsthand how to examine your own work and make sure it grabs the attention of agents, editors and readers.

What to bring:  A manuscript page you would like to have looked at. Note taking materials.

Thursday Morning 3

PITCH PERFECT: 3 Steps To Getting Their Attention

Best For:     Writers of ANY genre preparing to pitch their work.

Presenter:   Linda Rohrbough

Time:            9am-12pm

That baby you’ve been laboring on for Lord knows how long is finished. Now what? In this interactive workshop, award-winning author Linda Rohrbough will teach her Three-Step formula to becoming Pitch Perfect. Linda will help you manage the fear that accompanies the word ‘pitch’. She’ll help you avoid common, killer mistakes. She’ll uncover hidden techniques you can use to attract the interest of publishing professionals. When you leave this workshop you’ll have a complete, compelling pitch that you can deliver to an agent or editor in under two minutes.

What to bring:  Writing Materials

Thursday Morning 4

  GET REAL! Telling Your Story With Non-Fiction

Best for:       Writers working on non-fiction ideas.

Presenter:   Karen Albright Lin

Time:             9am-12pm

Award-Winning Author, Editor and Mid-wife to many successful memoirs, Karen Albright Lin will discuss various forms of writing your life: Autobiography, Memoir, Personal Essays, Fake Memoirs and novels of your Life. She’ll offer examples, discuss credibility, stretching facts and legal issues such as defamation and invasion of privacy. Karen will also explore what to write about, what makes all varieties of non-fiction stories or essays sell, helpful techniques to use and specific markets for non-fiction. She’ll reinforce those techniques through short exercises, and offer a brief critique to willing participants.

What to bring:  A brief synopsis of your non-fiction idea. Note taking materials.


2014 PPWC Prequel Afternoon Programs:

Thursday Afternoon 1

MURDER IN ASPEN LEAF (PART 2): The Mental Man Hunt

Best for:         Writers of ANY genre interested in criminal thoughts and behaviors.

Presenters:   Lynda Hilburn, Morgen Leigh, Pete Klismet, Dan Leyman

Time:               1pm-4pm

Many factors contribute to the solving of a crime, especially when that crime is the taking of a human life. Technological advancements have tremendously improved the ability to analyze forensic evidence; fingerprint comparisons, chemical analysis, microscopic analysis of trace evidence as well as examinations of firearms, tool marks, questioned documents, cryptology, latent prints and  anthropological examinations. FBI Special Agent Dan Leyman will discuss many of these as well as talk about identifying, collecting and preserving the evidence. Beyond the physical evidence, other experts must immerse themselves into the mind of the criminal and gain an understanding of his thoughts. Licensed Psychotherapist Lynda Hilburn will take you inside the disturbed mind, giving you insight to the thought processes that accompany psychological disorders. Licensed Sociologist Morgen Leigh will help you read a person’s body language and decipher what their actions and postures say. She will also help you understand the relevance of various forms of body modification. Then retired FBI Profiler Pete Klismet will tie everything together as he discusses how investigators apply the studies of Psychology and Sociology to identify suspects. How does the FBI paint a portrait of a killer they have never met? By the time this workshop is over, your idea of CSI is going to take a serious turn!

What to bring: Note taking materials.

Thursday Afternoon 2


Who, What, When, Where, Why and WTH?! 

Best for:         Writers of ANY genre who are considering an Indie Publishing route.

Presenters:   Becky Clark, Deanna Knippling

Time:               1pm-4pm

Publishing on your own is exhilarating and terrifying, yet Deanna Knippling and Becky Clark have produced dozens of books this way. If you’re thinking about traveling this Indie path, learn what you need to do before you start writing; what sells books; how to plan your marketing and promotions; how to create an effective author presence; professional vs. DIY formatting; plus the nuts and bolts of your creation: editing, covers, and pricing. You will leave with an extra-firm grasp of what you need to do and how to go about it so you can join the ranks of Independent Publishers.

What to bring: Note taking materials.

Thursday Afternoon 3


Best for:       Writers of ANY genre who are preparing query letters.

Presenter:   Michelle Johnson

Time:             1pm-4pm

Your manuscript is complete (that was easy, huh?). You composed a novel full of literary brilliance but now you are staring at that one page you have been dreading most: The Query Letter. Michelle Johnson, the founder of Inklings Literary Agency, is here to help you make the query letter make sense. Michelle will share her vast knowledge of the writing world, teaching you what a query letter really needs and helping you get your own Query Letter submission ready!

What to bring:  Query letter. Note taking materials

Thursday Afternoon 4  

BRING ON THE BUZZ! Creating A Conversation About Your Book

Best for:         Writers of ANY genre who want to improve discussions about their work.

Presenters:    Deb Courtney, Susan Mitchell, Jennifer Lovett, Aaron Ritchey

Time:               1pm-4pm

Take your marketing to the next level by harnessing your passion for your project into public enthusiasm. In this interactive workshop attendees will learn how to create a conversation about their writing project. Learn and practice skills for talking about your book to different audiences, pitching your unique story to the media, getting attention for your ideas, creating engaging social media messages, and energizing your platform.

What to bring: Basic knowledge of your project. Note taking materials.

PPWC At a Glance

When: April 24-26, 2015

Where: Colorado Springs Marriott
5580 Tech Center Drive
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80919
(719) 260-1800

We are all writers! We know the challenges of budgeting conferences and networking opportunities to ensure success and learning. With that in mind, we are thrilled to announce our new payment plan option!!

Thursday Programming: Pikes Peak Writers is pleased to bring back our overwhelmingly popular Pre-Conference Programming on Thursday, April 23, 2015.

Faculty (Editors, Agents, Authors, Etc.): In 2014 we brought in a stellar selection of publishing professionals, including featured authors Chuck Wendig, Gail Carriger, Hank Phillippi Ryan, and Jim C. Hines. Add to this a wide assortment of editors and agents taking pitches and authors offering workshops covering every aspect of writing. Learn more about our fantastic faculty lineup here.

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