2012-13 Leadership Changes

Every year at the end of summer, PPW holds elections for positions on the Board of Directors. This momentous event has probably slid by many of you unnoticed in past years, as we try to make the transition as seamless as possible. This year will hopefully be no different in that you should not notice any interruption to the great events, benefits and services you are accustomed to receiving. However I wanted to take a minute to let you know who will be serving on the PPW Board of Directors for the coming year. Returning to the Board this year are Laura Hayden as vice president, Connie McKenzie as treasurer, and members Bonnie Hagan, Susan Mitchell, Todd Fahnestock, Chris Boswell and Mandy Houk. We welcome new Board member Laura Reeve who has been elected to serve a two-year term as secretary. We’re thrilled to announce that the secretary position became available because incumbent secretary Mandy Houk has agreed to serve a two-year term as PPW’s president! As for me, after 10+ years serving on the PPW Board of Directors, I’m pleased and honored to be moving into the role of “ex-officio” member of the Board. Joining me will be former PPW Executive Director Jodi Anderson. Together we will serve as advisors and mentors to your seated Board. It has been an incredible privilege and pleasure serving as PPW president, and I have truly enjoyed my tenure. I leave this role knowing you are in very good hands with your new president and Board. Please join me in welcoming our new secretary and president, and in thanking all the Board members for their volunteer service as the leadership of this incredible organization. Chris Mandeville