Pikes Peak Writers Conference 2013

By Bonnie Hagan, Director PPWC 2013

Community. In a word, that’s what any good writer’s organization creates. Pikes Peak Writers excels at bringing people together from across the world, and nowhere is that more obvious than at the annual Pikes Peak Writers Conference. A solid corps of dedicated people devote countless hours creating this weekend of cutting edge information, amazing opportunities, essential feedback, and writing wisdom. We’re a community. And as we were reminded last year, community doesn’t burn. Times are hard, tensions around the world are high, and many dreams die a slow, thirsty death. That’s why Pikes Peak Writers Conference is more important now than ever. We remain dedicated to excellence. We bring our agents and editors from afar. We seek out published authors with sterling reputations to speak to us. We find the professionals who are in the know to help us make sense of an ever-changing industry. We create an environment of mutual support that sends our attendees home riding the emotional high of their lives. And we do it all at a competitively low price. When you attend the 2013 Pikes Peak Writers Conference, you will see new faces like Lisa Renee Jones, Bob Liparulo, Lynda Hilburn, Twist Phelan, and Laura Resau. Established Colorado authors, all of them. And all of them new to our conference. We also bring best-selling authors like Libba Bray, Barry Eisler, David Liss, and Amber Benson from across the country to bring their delightful and distinctive voices to our mealtimes and workshops. Not all of the presenters are new, of course, and the familiar faces of longtime PPW folks are part of the magic of our conference. The only thing missing is you. Has your dream of writing grown a bit dusty from neglect or has your writing career gotten mired in the mud? What demons prevent you from the success you imagine? When you attend Pikes Peak Writers Conference, you’ll not only find the knowledge to write from the ashes and realize your dreams, you’ll find a group of people who will supply you with writing tools, support your goals, and surprise you with their genuine warmth. In short, you find community.