Ron Cree

Ronald Cree was many things – father, grandfather, published YA author, world traveler. To really know him, however, was to understand what tied all those things together and therefore what made him so very dear to his friends. Ron was a celebrator. Of life, of success, of people. Of accomplishments small and large. Ron was an instigator of joy – demanding from life and all of us that we spend time together, that we mark the moments with photographs and shared memories. Ron was everyone’s greatest supporter, always available for a signing, a lunch, a pat on the back, or a kick in the pants for motivation. Ron did not wait for the world, he demanded it come to him and he moved through it voraciously, celebrating and living every moment. It is tragic that Ron is no longer here, with a quick laugh, a snarky remark, a demand for us to gather in for another photo. And that is an enormous loss to Pikes Peak Writers and the writing community in general. But his legacy is to remind us always to celebrate. Be joyful. Support each other. Buy books. Write the words. Take the pictures. He will be greatly missed.