Sweet Success for Carol Berg

An Illusion of Thieves by, Cate Glass

Exciting news from Carol Berg!

I have a new three-book deal with Tor Books for a fantasy adventure series called Chimera. I will be writing this series under the nom de plume, Cate Glass.

Chimera is the name taken on by a group of four rag-tag sorcerers – a former courtesan, a professional dualist, a metalsmith, and a youth whose first job is an alehouse bouncer–in a world where magic is a death sentence. The four  discover that there are some causes that make using their talents worth the risk.

The first book, An Illusion of Thieves, will be released on May 21, 2019.

See everyone at conference!


Carol Berg
Carol Berg

As Cate Glass, author of An Illusion of Thieves, first novel of the Chimera, forthcoming in 2019 from Tor Books! 

As Carol Berg, award-winning author of the Books of the Rai-kirah, The Lighthouse Duet, The Sanctuary Duet, the Novels of the Collegia Magica.

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