Finding the Perfect Gift for the Writer in Your Life

The holidays are coming up quick and gift giving is at the heart of the holidays. Have you thought about what to give that writer in your life? Here are just a few ideas that any writer I think would love (I know I would!).

Never Enough Notebooks

As a writer, I’m always jotting down ideas whenever something strikes me, so how about some nice notebooks in different sizes? I know in this age of smart phones, notebooks are very low-tech, but I know of some writers who prefer to write their story ideas—or even first drafts—down on paper. Small notebooks can fit into a purse or back pocket, and bigger ones are nice to write out your scenes.

Writing Instruments

They will need something to write with in their notebook, so why not some nice pens? You can find out which pen your writer prefers and buy a few packs of them. Especially if they do book signings, having a pen they like will make life easy for them knowing they have several pens on hand.


How about a subscription to a writers magazine? There are so many to choose from—Writer’s Digest, Poets & Writers, The Writer, and Writer’s Forum are just a few magazines geared toward the craft of writing. Each has their own format they follow, whether it’s articles on the craft, where to submit your work, or info on conferences and competitions. Most of these are available online or on Kindle as well as a printed copy, so find out what your writer prefers.

Refreshments for the Soul

Coffee or tea, and a cute mug to go with it. We writers need to keep our brains awake and the creative juices flowing, so we need that caffeine. Again, find out their caffeinated beverage of choice and buy a box or three for them. Or if they just have to have their Starbucks coffee, buy them a gift card so they can get their venti Pike Place with cream and nine sugars.

Send them to a Writing Conference

Maybe you could pay part of their way to a writers conference. A little pricier than the other suggestions, but the writer in your life will love you for it if you can manage it. They are a great way for a writer to learn about many aspects of the business, from writing to editing to marketing.

Craft Books

Have they ever mentioned any books on the craft of writing? There are MANY.  Stephen King’s On Writing, A Memoir of the Craft, Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat!, Jessica Brody’s Save the Cat! Writes a Novel, and Become A Successful Indie Author by, Craig Martelle, have helped many writers with their work. All you need to do is search on-line for writing craft books if your writer doesn’t have a preference.

Buying a gift for the writer in your life doesn’t have to be difficult. Most of us are happy with anything, but having a little thought put into the gift-buying will bring a smile to their face. Happy shopping!

photo of margin holmes

Margena Adams Holmes has been writing ever since she can remember, writing her first poem in 1st grade. At her day job, when she’s not kicking young kids out of R-rated movies, she’s sweeping up spilled popcorn from the hallways and aisles (she’s not your mother, though, so please take your trash out). Her days off consist of writing science fiction, short stories, and more movie theater shenanigans. Reading is a close second to writing, and she normally has her nose buried in a book. Her publications are available through her author page. Contact Margena via email:

Notebooks, pens, and Books! Oh, My!