Ghosts of Downtown Story Submission!!!

  1. Stories must be no more than one page (11-point font) in length.
  2. When possible, stories should be linked to a specific historical figure or landmark in the Downtown district (roughly, the area between Acacia Park and the Pioneers Museum, bounded by Shooks Run to the east and Monument Valley Park to the west).
  3. Stories must be told in the voice of a tour guide relaying a historical tale to a crowd of would-be ghost hunters, but can cover any period of Colorado Springs history.
  4. Stories can be gruesome and scary or ironic and funny, but please avoid references to sexual violence, animal abuse and violence against children.
  5. Deadline for story submissions is Friday, Sept. 10, 2021. Submit to
  6. All writers submitting stories for this project will be thanked with two (2) complimentary ghost tour tickets (a $20 value).
  7. Stories selected for inclusion in the tour will be compensated an additional $30 by way of honorarium – we know this is small, but we’d like to share a portion of our tour revenue with the writers.