Sweet Success for Pikes Peak Writers

Dream is here!

 After a year of tireless work, the editors – Edward Raetz, Debora L. Brewer, Kathie Scrimgeour, and Jenny Kate – are proud to present the second anthology from Pikes Peak Writers, Dream. Congratulations to the 27 authors whose short stories, flash fiction, and poetry, appears in this newest anthology!

About the book:

Dream: Tales from the Pikes Peak Writers
Cover Design by: Josh Clark

Whether you are awake or asleep, dreams take your mind and open it to a kaleidoscope of dreamscapes you never knew could exist. In a blink, the dream can transform from a bloody war to a little boy escaping his troubled childhood with his action figures.

In this second anthology from the Pikes Peak Writers, you will take a journey through the creative minds of the twenty-seven writers who penned the following works based on a simple one-word prompt – Dream. Let yourself experience worlds in a spirit-filled house, on a pirate ship, or teeter on the precipice of Hell. Then, with the turn of a page, walk through the beauty of far-off lands, watch purple ducks on a yellow pond, or run with terror through a town filled with monsters. Enjoy this stroll down a crooked path that could hold your worst nightmare or your most beloved wish. Be careful what you wish for, a genie may be lurking in the labyrinth of your mind waiting to be set free.

 Dream is available where ever books are sold.

Dream, Cover