Board of Directors

PPW is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors.  The Board ensures that PPW abides by its Bylaws, state and federal laws, and the rules that bind a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  In addition, members of the Board often have additional roles in the organization.  The size of the Board and some of the job titles have changed over the years as the needs of PPW have evolved.  But what remains consistent is the volunteers’ focus on the health of the organization, and the commitment they have to the writers they serve.

Board members are elected to a two-year term at the annual meeting every September. Anyone interested in running for an open position must submit a one-page letter of inquiry detailing the position of interest, qualifications, and a brief bio to the nominations committee by August 31st of the respective year. Email letters to Put Board Nomination in the subject line.

This year’s open positions are: President, Secretary, Non-Conference Events Director, and Member at Large (MAL)


Bowen Gillings

Bowen’s a rookie writer, but an adept at life. He’s lived in lots of different places, traveled to quite a few more, read a bunch of stuff, and completed a degree or two. He’s an Army veteran, former personal trainer, actor, voice artist, government contractor, financial advisor, and bookseller. Now he resides in Colorado Springs with his wife, daughter, and dog.

Genre loves run the gamut from fantasy to historical and contemporary fiction with a smattering of sci-fi, literary, and biography thrown in for spice.

When not writing, he can be found at Garden of the Gods Park leading school programs for area elementary and high school students.

He became a member of Pikes Peak Writers in 2015, regularly attends Open Critique, Write Brain, and Writers Night, served on the Tech Team for the 2016 Pikes Peak Writers Conference, and contributes to the PPW blog, Writing from the Peak.

Vice President

Kameron C Easler

Kameron reads and writes Romance. While paranormal is her favorite, she enjoys suspense and contemporary stories as well. She’s been a member of Pikes Peak Writers since 2013, attended her first writers conference in 2014, and started volunteering in 2015. Outside of PPW and her day job, Kameron can be found performing amazing feats of home remodeling or playing with her super-pup – usually when she should be writing.


Charise Simpson

Charise is currently working on a humorous travel memoir, and developing a middle grade mystery series with her teenaged daughter. She has worked as a freelance journalist writing a weekly Q&A column for the business section of The Gazette. She has also written feature stories for the local Woodmen & Cheyenne Editions newspapers. As a member of the Pikes Peak Writers since 2010, she has served as a general conference gofer and moderator, Handout Coordinator, and Allergy Meals Coordinator, as well as committee member for Non-Conference Events.


Stacy S. Jensen

Stacy S. Jensen writes picture books and memoir. She has attended and volunteered at Pikes Peak Writers Conferences since 2011 and has contributed to the Writing from the Peak blog since 2012. She worked in newspapers in a variety of reporter and editor positions in several states. Her work has appeared in Chicken Soup for the Soul. She spends her time writing, revising and submitting her work. She also volunteers in her neighborhood and in her church.

Board Liaison

Laura Hayden

Laura Hayden is one of the founders of the Pikes Peak Writers and served as it first president. She’s been associated with PPWC since its inaugural year, 1993. In addition, she’s held the position of PPWC  director for an unprecedented eight years (non-consecutive).  She’s published thirteen fiction novels in a wide variety of genres, one nonfiction and many short stories. She owns Author, Author! a bookstore serving authors and co-owns Parker Hayden Media, an assisted self-publishing company. She resides in the Birmingham, Alabama area, but her heart remains in Colorado.

Member at Large

KL Cooper

KL Cooper spends most of her free hours writing PNR, but when she’s not doing that, she’s rocking social media for Pikes Peak Writers or creating new graphics and book covers for other writers through UnderCover Press. You can connect with her anywhere on social media using these handles: @KLCequalsME @UnderCoverKLC @FleshandFeather

Member at Large

Karen Fox

When not embroiled in the adventure and romance of her latest characters, Karen shares her house in Colorado Springs, CO with her husband, her granddaughter, and four cats.  She has published eight paranormal romance novels, one short story and one young adult novella.  Her second book, SOMEWHERE MY LOVE, was a 1998 RITA Finalist for the Romance Writers of America.  She’s currently at work on a young adult urban fantasy and new romance.

Member at Large

Damon Smithwick

Damon Smithwick is a long time Pikes Peak Writers attendee at various events. He took over for the PPW Writers’ Night in January of 2017.

Member at Large

Gabrielle Brown

Gabrielle Brown is a multi-genre writer with work published in nonfiction. Her current projects include short stories, upscale women’s humorous fiction, and a bit of poetry.  Gabrielle is active in the local writing community and edits the Pikes Peak Writers blog, Writing from the Peak.


Previous Board Members

Kirsten Akens, Jodi Anderson, Donnell Bell, Chris Boswell, Deb Buckingham, Paul Carhart, Maxine Davenport, J.T. Evans, Todd Fahnestock, Maria Faulconer, Karen Fox, Beth Groundwater, Bonnie Hagan, Mandy Houk, Alicia Howie, Ron Heimbecher, Jax Hunter, Pat Kennelly, Jennifer LaPointe, Shannon Lawrence, Chris Mandeville, Pam McCutcheon, Connie McKenzie, Debbie Meldrum, Dawn Smit Miller, Sue Mitchell, Chris Myers, Barb Nickless, Chris Olsen, Ellen Phillips, Joel Quevillon, Laura Reeve, Charles Rush, Susan Rust, Michael Waite, Bret Wright, Jennifer Webster-Valant.