The Martha

This is an award like no other, named in honor of a PPW veteran like no other.

the_martha2010 – Martha Lancaster

Martha Lancaster officially retired from Pikes Peak Writers in 2010 after nearly twenty years of service.  That in itself is deserving of an ovation, but hold your applause until you hear what Martha has done for PPW over the course of her career.

Martha is a graphic designer and had a hand in every single edition of the PPW NewsMagazine.  She managed and facilitated PPW membership and event registrations.  She produced brochures, handouts, mailers, and all manner of print communications for PPW.  She designed striking graphics and logos and signs.  She donated office and storage space for the PPW supplies, equipment, files, and unwieldy bookshelves.   She answered the phone, took care of the mail, and did every administrative task imaginable.

Martha was the face of PPW, with a welcoming smile and kind words for everyone.  She rarely complained, and never met a crisis that ruffled her feathers.  But more than that, Martha was the collective brain of the organization.  She held the memories, the goals and aspirations, the responsibilities, and the essence of Pikes Peak Writers.  She was our center.  The hub of our wheel.  The single point where all the parts connected.  The central element holding everything together.  Quiet little unassuming Martha was all that, and then some.  She has been the heart and soul of our organization, and deserves to be recognized as the force of nature that she is.  We call this award “The Martha” because no other word embodies the grace, endurance, creativity, commitment, fortitude and genius of our Martha.  You can clap now if you aren’t already.  We are.