Contest Winners 2010

Contest Winner 2010Below is the list of winners for the 2010 Pikes Peak Writers Fiction Contest.  Congratulations to all the writers who entered and placed in 2010!

Winner List – 2010 Pikes Peak Writers Fiction Contest
Children’s (Ages 8-12)  Location Title
1st: Kimberly Ann Piddington Ozark, MO  The Summer of 1925
2nd: Cindy Mae Strandvoid Loveland, CO The Secret of the Legacy
3rd: Victoria A. Rotton Kenmore, WA The Secret Tribe
Historical Fiction
1st: Cristin Colleen Bruggeman Kailua-Kona, HI The Heir of Artashad
2nd: Ashlee Cowles Colorado Springs, CO To the Ends of the Earth
3rd: Cynthia Schaible-Boyll Colorado Springs, CO Unexpected Riches
1st: Brenda Smith Warren Woodbridge, WA Nettle Creek
2nd: Charlie Hanline Pueblo, CO Sarafina
3rd: Tiffany Yates Austin, TX The Breakup Doctor
Mystery / Suspense / Intrigue
1st: Michael Shepard Colorado Springs, CO Easy Street
2nd: Deborah Ann Gengler-Dunn Fort Collins, CO Coming on Night
3rd: William E. Mason Monument, CO Chloe
1st: Michelle Mason White Highlands Ranch, CO Prickly Pear
2nd: Laura Ann Burdette Ozark, MO Family Business
3rd: Monica Peters Leeper, PA Moon Child
Science Fiction / Fantasy / Horror
1st: Julie A. Kazimer  Westminster, CO F*%#ed Up Fairytale
2nd: Carrie Seidel Arvada, CO Ghostscape Park
3rd: Martha G. Verlander Raytown, MO Legend of the Black Diamond
Short Stories
1st: Sharon McClure Scarborough Austin, TX  The Steeling
2nd: Cynthia S. Becker Pueblo, CO Considering
3rd: Charlie Hanline Pueblo, CO Snakes and Other Friends
Young Adult (Ages 12-18)
1st: Patti J. Kurtz Minot, ND Worth the Risk
2nd: Abigail Hing Wen Palo Alto, CA Ambassador
3rd: Melissa McInerney Evergreen, CO Scar Tissue