Ghosts of Downtown


A Cooperative Event with Downtown Colorado Springs (DCS)


Ghosts of Downtown allows PPW member writers to create ghost stories that are then interpreted by costumed actors leading haunted walks for visitors throughout the month of October. Begun in 2018, the event proved wildly popular and continues yearly.


  • This event is for PPW members
  • Send submissions as attached documents to
  • Place “Ghost of Downtown Submission” in the email subject line
  • Submissions need to be .doc or .docx files
  • No more than 500 words in length.

The goal for these stories will be to relate them in a “just the facts, ma’am” fashion, focusing on the kinds of details that one gossiping person would relate verbally to another as if both the parties had heard the story secondhand – limiting descriptive passages and refraining from actual dialogue if at all possible.

  • Write in the third person
  • Place author full name and story title in the document header
  • No need to keep things PG

If there are enough submissions, DCS may conduct two tours, one that’s more family-friendly and mildly creepy, and one that’s for adults only and really pulls out all the stops.

Refrain from mentioning rape or other transgressive sex acts, and limit mentions of cruelty to children and animals.

  • Focus on specific historic locations in the downtown area or historic events or people connected with downtown Colorado Springs.

Suggestions include:

    • The YMCA Association offices on Tejon (used to be a mortuary; furnaces and chill drawers still installed in the basement)
    • Palmer High School (there’s an apocryphal story about the mascot being murdered)
    • The Cascade Apartments (according to the property manager a Russian oligarch purchased the building as his home; during renovations his twin daughters disappeared; residents still complain of flickering lights, things moving on their own, and children’s laughter in the corridors)
    • The Albany Hotel (used to be a sanatorium for tuberculosis sufferers)
    • The Antlers Hotel (burned down under suspicious circumstances)
    • The D.F. Law Undertaking Company (now Vintage Properties on North Nevada)
    • An urban legend tells of two young boys being mauled by a bear in the vicinity of Weber St. and Kiowa.
    • 19 people were killed in the Memorial Day Flood of 1935 that destroyed every bridge downtown except the one on Bijou Street
  • All submissions must be received by SEP 15, 2019

All selected author names and story titles will appear on DCS and PPW social media and websites during October 2019.



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