Steve Saffel

Titan Books

Senior Editor

Steve Saffel is a Senior Acquisitions Editor at Titan Books, the world’s premiere popular culture publisher, acquiring original science fiction, fantasy (epic, heroic, and dark), horror, crime fiction, art books, and media tie-ins such as Alien, Planet of the Apes (new and classic), Batman: Arkham Knight, Mass Effect, and more. Some of his recent and upcoming projects include the military science fiction series Virtues of War by Bennett Coles, the dark urban fantasy Conspiracy of Angels by Michelle Belanger, the heroic fantasy Robin Hood: Mark of the Black Arrow by Debbie Vigue and James Tuck, a Cthulhu vs. Sherlock Holmes trilogy by Lois Gresh, the Alien: Rage War SF epic that crosses between Predator, Alien, and Alien vs. Predator, the mystery novel Mycroft Holmes by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Anna Waterhouse, new fiction for Dishonored by Adam Christopher and Batman: Arkham Knight by Alex Irvine and Marv Wolfman, and The Art of Robert E. McGinnis by Robert E. McGinnis and Art Scott.

Jennifer Letwack

Thomas Dunne Books

Assistant Editor

Jennifer Letwack is an assistant editor at Thomas Dunne/St. Martin’s press. She is interested in creative and detailed world building, complex, diverse characters, and strong female heroines. On the non-fiction side, she is interested in histories focused on dynamic personalities in American history, as well as her two non-literary loves, feminism and video games.

Jennifer is looking to acquire: Fantasy (dark, high/epic, historical fantasy); Historical; Science Fiction (all types); YA and New Adult (fantasy, science fiction); Adult Nonfiction (biography–focus on women, cooking–baking specifically, historical narrative).

Caitlin Dareff

St. Martin’s Press

Assistant Editor

In New York by way of North Carolina, Caitlin Dareff attended UNC-Chapel Hill where she majored in Spanish and Anthropology and minored in Creative Writing. Most at home surrounded by books and people who love them, she worked at an independent bookstore before entering the wonderful world of publishing as an intern at Algonquin Books in Chapel Hill. Now an Assistant Editor at St. Martin’s Press, Caitlin is on the lookout for both fiction and nonfiction. She’s especially interested in literary/book club fiction, fiction with an edge of suspense, upmarket women’s fiction, and offbeat contemporary young adult. In terms of nonfiction, she has her eye out for quirky memoir with humor and heart as well as pop culture nonfiction about music and art. When it comes down to it, she loves writing that makes you believe that every story is worth telling—it’s just in how you tell it.

Annie Berger


Associate Editor

Annie Berger started out as an editorial assistant at Simon & Schuster’s Aladdin imprint. There she worked with authors Brandon Mull, Rachel Renée Russell and Lauren Barnholdt. She was the editor for both the middle-grade and chapter book Nancy Drew series and the middle-grade Hardy Boys series. Annie also signed up debut authors Jen Malone’s At Your Service and Gail Nall’s Breaking the Ice. Now an associate editor at HarperCollins, Annie is delighted to be editing both middle-grade and teen, and works with authors such as Jen Malone (YA debut Wanderlost), Kristen Kittscher (The Tiara on the Terrace), Gail Nall (Exit Stage Left), Jo Whittemore (Confidentially Yours series) and Diane Zahler. Annie also assists with best-selling authors Gail Carson Levine, Lauren Oliver and Rita Williams-Garcia. @EditorALB