Angie Hodapp

Angie Hodapp, the Director of Literary Development at Nelson Literary Agency is a story geek with an eye for what works and the ability to articulate various ways authors can take their writing and storytelling to the next level. She believes in the power of story to elevate, transform, and heal, and loves to be anywhere writers are gathered.

With a passion for teaching, Angie has worked in professional writing, editing, and education for more than twenty years. A frequent presenter at writing conferences and events, and the author of Query Craft and Do You Need a Literary Agent, she loves helping writers improve their craft and learn about the ever-changing world of publishing.

Becky LeJeune

Becky LeJeune is an associate agent at Bond Literary Agency, a Denver-based agency run by Sandra Bond. Prior to joining the agency, Becky spent time working as a bookseller, a freelance cookbook editor, and an acquisitions editor for a small, regional press. She is a graduate of the Denver Publishing Institute.

Becky is actively building her client list, and is interested in cookbooks and YA and adult submissions in the following genres: horror, mystery/suspense/thriller, historical fiction, sci fi, fantasy, and general fiction. She enjoys plot driven narratives with unique settings, strong world building, and well-developed characters. 


Maureen Moretti

Maureen Moretti began her publishing career as an intern with several prestigious New York City literary agencies before joining P.S. Literary as an associate agent. She holds a B.A. from Saint Mary’s College of California, and attended the Columbia Publishing Course. Maureen is looking for narrative driven non-fiction with a gripping voice and a unique hook, such as unusual or untold biographies, commentary on culture, both mainstream and subversive, and new interpretations of history. She is also actively searching for fiction, romance, upmarket and commercial women’s fiction, select science fiction, thrillers, mysteries, and literary fiction. She loves new perspectives on old stories, characters that resonate and stay with you, novels about the zeitgeist, non-fiction that teaches you by accident and loves a happily ever after. 

Seeking genres: Mainstream commercial, Romance, Romance Suspense, Science Fiction, Women’s Fiction

Devin Ross

Devin Ross is an agent with New Leaf Literary & Media, Inc. After graduating from Lawrence University, she went on to get her Certificate in Publishing from the Denver Publishing Institute. After starting her publishing career at Penguin Random House, she found her longterm home at New Leaf representing both children’s and adult titles. She is looking for anything that helps her see her own in a different light. Devin loves books that teach her things, whether purposeful or through the telling of a story, it doesn’t matter. She is a lifelong learner and is always looking to expand her horizons. At this time, she is specifically looking to grow her list Contemporary Romance, Women’s fiction, nonfiction, and anything with a social justice tilt to it. 

Seeking: YA: Magical Realism, nonfiction, Contemporary with Social Justice. Adult: Contemporary Romance, RomComs, Women’s fiction, Literary fiction, Nonfiction

Lesley Sabga

Lesley Sabga has worked as an editorial intern and freelancer for multiple publishing houses. She’s also been working for The Seymour Agency since 2014. Starting out as an eager intern, she worked her way up to a Literary Assistant, and in the fall of 2017, Lesley became an Associate Agent with The Seymour Agency.

Lesley loves intricate and vivid world-building and character driven plots. She is actively acquiring MG, YA, and Adult fantasy/science fiction and she is always down to read a dark and twisty suspense or thriller featuring strong, female protagonists. She also loves a classic happily-ever-after romance or curling up with a good mystery. She is also interested in acquiring narrative non-fiction.

When she is not rescuing animals or searching for her next debut author, Lesley is a constant occupant at local bookstores in Colorado Springs and is a self-proclaimed coffee aficionado.

Seeking: Fantasy, Middle Grade Fiction, Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction, YA Mainstream, YA Romance

Abby Saul

Abby founded The Lark Group after a decade in publishing at John Wiley & Sons, Sourcebooks, and Browne & Miller Literary Associates. She’s worked with and edited bestselling and award-winning authors as well as major brands. She loves working with her clients and new authors, and her agenting style is agile and editorially focused, with an eye towards partnership and publishing innovation. A zealous reader who loves her iPad and the ebooks on it, she still can’t resist the lure of a print book. Abby’s personal library of beloved titles runs the gamut from literary newbies and classics, to cozy mysteries, to sappy women’s fiction, to dark and twisted thrillers. A magna cum laude graduate of Wellesley College, Abby spends her weekends—when she’s not reading—cooking and hiking with her husband and son. Find her @BookySaul on Twitter.

Specific genres:

ADULT ONLY. Women’s fiction, historical fiction, domestic suspense/female-driven thrillers, mysteries, literary