Alex Jay Lore

Alex Jay Lore (he/him) is a queer and trans author of science fiction and fantasy with LGBTQ+ protagonists.

When not writing queerness with a chance of explosions, Alex is a high school English teacher, waging epic battles against comma splices, misused apostrophes, and anyone under the delusion that the singular ‘they’ is grammatically incorrect.

A German immigrant, Alex has always been drawn to language and stories. He began to write when he realized the best guarantee to see more books with queer characters was to create them.

Alex’s debut novel, EMPIRE OF LIGHT, written as Alex Harrow, and pitched as “gay Firefly with magic”, about an assassin who will set the world on fire to save the guy he loves, is out now with NineStar Press.

Follow Alex on all social media platforms @alexjaylore.