M.L. Rowland

During her twelve years on a busy mountain Search and Rescue team in Southern California, M.L. Rowland participated in over 500 search and rescue missions and trainings, including technical ropes rescues and recoveries, helicopter insertions and evacuations, and searches for lost children, hikers, snowboarders, mountain bikers and criminal evidence, in alpine, desert and urban environments. Trained in land navigation, technical ropes rescue, desert and winter survival and travel, including avalanche awareness and self-arrest, she also holds a certification in tracking from the State of California. Many of the location descriptions and incidents and the technical SAR information contained in her Gracie Kinkaid Search and Rescue Adventure Mystery novels are drawn from her own experiences and training. The first three books in her Search and Rescue Mystery Series are ZERO-DEGREE MURDER, MURDER OFF THE BEATEN PATH, and MURDER ON THE HORIZON. For more information, please visit her website at www.mlrowland.com.