PPW Anthology Submission Guidelines

The PPW’s 3rd anthology, (Title to be Decided), will be open for submissions from June 1, 2022, through July 31, 2022.

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(Title to be Decided)

“Write a captivating, empowering story or poem that takes us to an extraordinary new world of possibilities. Send us on a journey through history or space, to a fantasy realm or a romantic destination. We’ve packed our bags and are ready to go.”

About PPW Anthologies

One of the best ways to get started as a published writer is to have one’s poems and short stories included in periodicals and anthologies. Pikes Peak Writers’ anthologies highlight our members’ work to help them do just that. You can find Fresh Starts and Dream, our first and second anthologies, wherever books are sold.

Submission Guidelines

Who Can Submit?

PPW members only. If you are not a member, please visit PPW’s membership page to join. Membership is free. The editorial team cannot submit.

 What We Want

  • Short Fiction Stories of 2,500-6,000 words. All genres are welcome with only a few exceptions (see under, “What We DO NOT Want”). Genres we desire include fiction, realistic fiction, speculative, contemporary, historical, literary, and commercial. If your story has a strong plot, makes an emotional appeal, and sheds light on our theme, we want to read it!
  • Flash Fiction of 400-1,000 words. Genre same as for short stories.
  • Poetry up to two pages in length. We are looking for poems rooted in poetic tradition that make us feel something about the theme.
  • Format: Times New Roman, 12pt, double spaced, 1″ margins, black text on white background. (Poetry does not need to be double spaced). Include a header with the title and page number at the top of each page. Do not include your name or any identifying information anywhere on the manuscript or in its metadata. Submissions are read blind. Acquiring editors will recuse if they recognize work as being that of a particular author. For Poetry, we regret that we are unable to accept poems with irregular, stair-stepped formatting. We can only accommodate left justified, right justified, or centered formats.
  • Multiple Submissions: Each author may submit up to three works. Each piece must be submitted separately. If more than one of your submissions reaches the final round, it will be up to the discretion of the editors as to which will be included in the final anthology. Only one piece will be accepted even if they are all magnificent.
  • Polished work: Please send only revised and polished manuscripts.

 What We DO NOT Want

  • Children’s and Middle-Grade fiction. Fiction intended for middle grade, early readers, and younger is not a good fit for this anthology. However, your story may have a young protagonist if your intended audience is adults or teens.
  • Erotica or rape scenes
  • Excessive profanity or violence. Use the minimum amount your story requires.
  • Any kind of racism, bigotry, misogyny, homophobia, etc. within the narrative voice. Characters may be hateful; the story shouldn’t be.
  • Overt political rhetoric or religious proselytizing
  • Translations or fanfiction
  • Sections of longer works
  • Simultaneous submissions. Please do not have your story under consideration by other agents, editors, or publishers while we are considering it.
  • Reprints. We are looking for original, unpublished work. Previously published work will not be accepted. This includes work published in any form on your personal or professional website.
  • Stories that are difficult to read or comprehend on account of an experimental voice.
  • Stories filled with grammatical errors
  • Stories containing lyrics from a song you did not write. Copyright matters.
  • Rough drafts

Response Date

You will be notified by November 30, 2022, whether your work has been accepted or not. If you have not heard from us by that date, please do contact us. Once you have submitted your work, we recommend you relax, put it out of your mind, and write half a dozen more stories or poems to submit elsewhere while you wait.


As fellow writers and members of PPW, we anthology editors appreciate your writing achievements and willingness to submit your work for our consideration. We salute you and your commitment to the writing process. You’re amazing! We hope that your experience of writing to a theme, polishing your work, and submitting with guidelines has helped you grow in your writing journey. We regret, however, that we do not have the resources to offer critique on work that we have not chosen to publish.


We consider it an honor to be able to publish PPW Members’ work in the anthology. Expect, that if accepted, your poem or story will be subject to a deep dive developmental edit with our editorial team. The edit, covering language mechanics, story elements, structure, sensitivity issues, and more, will be conducted as a dialogue with your assigned editor through email correspondence. We will endeavor to be kind and respectful as we help you refine and polish your story in preparation for its inclusion in the anthology.

If you receive notification that your work has been accepted, someone from the editorial team will be in touch with you concerning contracts. You will need to sign two, one is with PPW and the other with the distribution service used by the anthology.

Each author published in the anthology will receive a royalty. The exact percentage will be calculated based on the number of accepted authors.


As the anthology is published and promoted on a shoestring budget, its authors are contractually obligated to participate in promoting the book. This includes, but is not limited to, promotion on various social media outlets, author pages (Good Reads, Amazon, etc.), websites, and newsletters. The more effectively each author promotes the anthology; the more sales and royalties will grow. Authors are encouraged to look for ways to work both separately and together on marketing efforts.

We ask for First Worldwide English Language Anthology Rights on your work for six months from the publication date. Six months after publication, all rights will revert to the author, meaning you’ll be free to reprint your story as you see fit. A sample contract is available upon request.

Submission Window

Submissions open on June 1, 2022, and close at midnight on July 31, 2022, or earlier if the maximum number of 250 submissions is received. No late stories will be accepted.

 Submit Your Work Here

Click on the link below and sign in with a free Submittable account. Every submission must be submitted through Submittable, without exception. Remember, your submission must be anonymous, so please do not have your name on your document or in its metadata.


The Editing Team
Kathie Scrimgeour, Project Manager and Editor

Deborah Brewer, Editor

Jenny Kate, Marketing Director and Editor

Contact us at  Anthology@PikesPeakWriters.com


A Note from Our Editors

As you contemplate taking time to write and submit, you may ask how you can give your work its best chance of being accepted. How can you write what our editors want?

Foremost, we desire to create an anthology that invites readers to experience the theme through a variety of perspectives, forms, and genres, all arranged in such a way as to take readers on a journey of emotion and discovery. Although we do want to include stories within a full range of feelings, we intend the overall mix of stories to skew towards optimism. We hope to see a wide variety of genres in our submission pile—fantasy, science fiction, mystery, thriller, horror, romance, magical realism, adventure, slice-of-life stories, and more.

The anthology is not a contest. We do not aim to choose only the best stories, but rather, the best selection of good stories to create a compelling book for a general adult audience.

We are looking for stories that demonstrate writing competence, are focused, and embrace the theme. We define writing competence for stories as the ability to write with clear, complete, and ordered thoughts. There are many resources available for learning about story structure, grammar, vocabulary, character development, and the like. We encourage you to avail yourself of these materials and learning opportunities.

Poetry, like prose, has its conventions. Some are broken to great effect, some not. Know whether a certain type of poem is usually titled. Take time to read your poem out loud and listen to its rhythm. Consider how different word choices might affect the tone and meaning of the piece. We would love to see more poems that embrace rhyme and traditional forms. If your poem is accepted, expect it to be subjected to an edit appropriate to the work.

Once you have created a coherent draft of your story or poem, ask another person to read it and comment on those parts that lack causality, clarity, or continuity. Ask if your work is in line with the theme. Ask whether your protagonist’s story problem is revealed on the first page and resolved by the end. Ask if your poem makes them feel something. Think about their comments for a few days before jumping in to rewrite your work. Once your work is polished, we invite you to send it in accordance with our submission guidelines.

We take every submission seriously. As fellow PPW members, we’re all in this writing adventure together. As readers and editors, we love great stories and poems! We look forward to reading yours.


With kind regards,

The PPW Anthology Team


Are you ready to submit? Just click on this link and sign in with your Submittable account. Remember, your submission must be anonymous so do not have your name on your document nor in the metadata.


SUBMISSIONS CLOSE JULY 31, 2021, or when 250 submissions are received.

Questions? Please contact Kathie at: anthology@pikespeakwriters.com