Write Brain: Zen and the Art of Parody

Apr 21, 2020 — 6:15 PM to 8:15 PM

Location: ONLINE (get directions)

The FREE April Write Brain will be presented by R.J. Rowley.

Please note: This workshop will be presented online via Zoom! Same bat date, same bat time.

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Create a standout short story for your next anthology or magazine submission by embracing the art of parody. Why? Because parody utilizes elements that are familiar to fans/audiences of that genre and then brings a fresh twist that will encourage them to look at what they know in a new (and funny) light. This workshop will show you how parody works, how to boost your humor, and how to break out of your comfort zone to tell a unique tale. Though we’ll focus on short form for this workshop, the skills you’ll learn can easily be adapted to novel-length works. Find your funny with the art of parody!


R.J. Rowley

R.J. Rowley is a joker of all trades who captures life’s absurdities on the page and keeps them there until the proper authorities arrive. Publications include the comedy memoir How to Be Funny & Make People Fat, The 27-Hour Day collection of humorous shorts, and the Advice from a Toaster satirical self-help series. For more information, visit www.bexly.org.