Consignment Policy


Our first priority is to give consignment space to faculty first, and then staff. Faculty are invited to consign a reasonable number of titles and copies.  Staff members are limited to not more than five titles with five copies each. It is VERY IMPORTANT that EVERYONE intending to consign fill out our consignment sheet BEFORE THE CONFERENCE and email it to the bookstore coordinator.  The form provides us the TITLE, ISBN, QUANTIY and PRICE which must be inputted into our Point-Of-Sale system IN ADVANCE.  CLICK HERE FOR THE CONSIGNMENT SHEET


We will have space for books by registered attendees but if there is an over-abundance of titles, the bookstore coordinator can opt to suspend consignments until additional space is released.  Attendees can bring up to two titles, five copies each. You MUST fill out a consignment sheet BEFORE the conference and send to the bookstore coordinator. CLICK HERE FOR THE CONSIGNMENT SHEET


We will sell your book or book-related item (with bookstore coordinator approval) in our bookstore for a 15% consignment fee of the retail or owner-supplied price. We provide a contract to be signed by the consignee, specifying all financial details.  CLICK HERE FOR THE CONSIGNMENT SHEET
All items must be checked-in via our contract. All unsold items must be checked-out by a specific time on Sunday (time set by coordinator and in contract). Payment is made by check and mailed to you after the event.


Any unsold items not picked up by the deadline will be considered abandoned property. Anybody who picks up their books, but does not checkout with the bookstore staff, forfeits all payments. We must physically count the unsold books in order to complete the contract.

The bookstore coordinator or her/his on-site representative (bookstore staff) reserves the right to refuse or limit the number of consigned items due to content, appropriateness or space limitations.


Based on many years experience selling books at the conference, if you’re not on the faculty or speaking at the conference, your chances of selling books is low. That is the rationale why we hold attendees to three copies

QUESTIONS? If you wish to consign or have further questions please contact