Yahoo Group

Yahoo GroupsNow that you’re a member of Pikes Peak Writers, it’s the perfect time to join our active Yahoo! Group.  Follow the instructions on this page to get started.

What is a Yahoo! Group?

A Yahoo! Group is a free online community sponsored by Yahoo!  You simply need to create a free account, pick which groups you want to join, and start enjoying daily interactions and sharing information with other members.

How Do I Get Started?

1.  To get started, you will need a free Yahoo! account.  The free account provides you with a Yahoo! e-mail address.  Don’t worry–you don’t need to use it.  You can continue to receive all your e-mails at your current address.  But in order to participate in Yahoo! Groups, you’ll need a Yahoo! ID.  Click here to create your account now, or visit and click “Sign Up.”

2.  During the sign-up process, provide your Alternate e-mail address, if you wish to participate in the group using your already existing e-mail.  Otherwise, make a note of your new Yahoo! e-mail address and password.

3.  Once you’re signed up, log into your new account at

4.  Search for Pikes Peak Writers or access the group directly:

5.  Click the button labeled “Join This Group”.

6.  Your membership in the group will need to be approved by a moderator.  This could take as long as a day.  Please be sure you’re already signed up as a PPW Member here on this website.

7.  Once you’re approved for membership into the PPW Yahoo! Group, you can edit the way you receive messages and notifications.  Simply log into your Yahoo! account and click the link “Edit Membership” in the upper left corner of the screen.

8.  In the “Edit Membership” area, you can decide which e-mail address you want to use to receive messages, how you want the messages delivered (one-by-one or in a single daily digest), and other preferences.

Okay…I’m signed up.  Now what?

Depending on your settings (in step 8 above), you should begin receiving e-mail messages posted by other PPW members.  These are messages on a variety of topics, sent to all members of the group.  Feel free to read them, respond to them, lurk quietly in the background, or whatever you’re comfortable with.  It’s fun and a great way to meet other PPW members!