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Happy Day!

From the Editor

Here in the U.S. we are about ready to celebrate Thanksgiving. This is a time that we come together to celebrate our families and friends. For me, and my family, we get together to out cook and out eat one another. Unlike the families in the comics, we have a blast exchanging stories, laughter, and, love.

As a writer, this is a great time for me to collect story ideas. There are several members of the family who travel extensively and I love to hear about the things that went wrong on their trips. One story came from a trip I was on when the toilets of the train overflowed and quit working. The carpets in the hall were soaked. When asked when they were going to clean up the mess the steward told us, “At the next station. Until then, just don’t touch the bottoms of your shoes.” This statement is gold, and at some point I’ll include it in a short story.

Thanksgiving is not the only time you can collect stories. Next week, Trista Herring Baughman will share a few of her ideas for story collecting. Until then, whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, I want to wish all of you a Happy Day no matter how you spend it.

KJ Scrim, head shot

Kathie Scrimgeour writes under the pseudonym KJ Scrim. She is a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder. In addition to serving on the Board of Directors with PPW, she is also the Managing Editor of Writing from the Peak (PPW’s blog) and the Project Manager of PPW’s anthologies, Fresh Starts and Dream (coming Spring of 2022). Her inspiration for blogging, flash fiction, short stories, and the long haul of novel writing comes from her many life experiences. You can follow her on her website, and on Facebook. When she’s not writing you can find her somewhere in Arizona biking, hiking, skiing, or finding Zen through Pilates.

Giving Thanks

Today, here in the USA, families and friends will sit down to share a meal surrounded by laughter and love. Today, I too will sit with my family and new friends, and we will share a meal together. I will think of my family who have passed and those who are too far away to wrap my arms around.

I will also be thinking of you. All of you who ever jotted down a poem, wrote a master thesis, published research, slugged out an epic novel, merrily created a song, or quipped a short story. To every writer who ever touched pen to paper, I say THANK YOU.

Thank you for sharing your heart, your talent, your knowledge, your fears, and your love. Not only have your words taught me to be a better writer, but they have also taught me to be a better person.

Thank you for the adventures through Wonderland, Whoville, and The Shire. The visits to Mars, Dune, and The Foundation were amazing. I will always treasure my Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy too. It is because of these, and so much more, that my world is so rich.

Today I say my thanks to you all, but know this…. I am grateful for every word you have shared with me – everyday.

Happy Thanksgiving