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Sweet Success for Jenna MacFarlane

Congratulations to Jenna MacFarlane on the recent release of her first novel, HARDWARE STORIES. This mystery features an awkward female hardware store clerk and one horrific murder to solve.

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If you combine 44–year-old Claire Cunningham, an awkward female hardware store clerk, and a horrific problem to solve, the stage is set for HARDWARE STORIES. When the police accuse one of Claire’s co-workers of a brutal murder, she becomes an unlikely detective. Her curiosity places her in direct conflict with the establishment, exposing a scintillating underbelly and threatening to undermine her beloved city, Boleyn, North Carolina. She must decide whom to trust in a place where the practice of swift justice screams Wild West rather than gentile South. Striking out on her own to solve the crime while avoiding the advances of a stalker, she clashes with the law and everyone who matters. Purchase a copy through Amazon.

Jenna MacFarlane


Jenna MacFarlane’s first novel, HARDWARE STORIES, debuted in February 2022. Her story “Old Debt” is published in the anthology About Time. MacFarlane holds a BA in Studio Art from Humboldt State University and has lived in the central Piedmont of North Carolina for many years. When MacFarlane’s not writing, hiking, painting, or restoring, she’s stocking shelves at a local supermarket. MacFarlane’s memoir, HINDSIGHT, will be published in 2023.

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