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Letter from the Editor

Kathie KJ ScrimHello Pikes Peak Writers! My name is Kathie Scrimgeour (writing under the name K.J. Scrim) and I have taken the reins of Managing Editor From the Editorfor PPW’s blog. I have been the Sweet Success coordinator since 2013 and last year started the column, Meet the Members. When Gabrielle asked if I would be interested in taking over for her, it only seemed to be a natural transition.

PPW is an organization that is here to help all of us learn the craft of writing, editing, and publishing whether it is an epic five book high fantasy or a twenty-word flash fiction. Our blog is a wonderful resource to learn not only tips and tricks to be a better writer, but also a place for moral support and sometimes a few laughs.

As Managing Editor, I will strive for professional, fun, and informative content, and, in the same breath, ask for your help to reach these goals. We are accepting submissions from all members on all aspects of writing. Did you have an “ah-ha” moment at a Write Brain? We would love to hear about it. Have you struggled through writer’s block? How did you get through it? Have you ever had a book optioned for film? Been through a publishing nightmare? Experienced the difference between traditional and self-publishing? Do you know Scrivener, WordPress, or Blogger? What about PPW’s conference? What experiences have you had? These are just a few questions that you could share your experiences through. I am also open to all suggestions. Please contact me at

We are going to have a great time together here on Writing from the Peak. This month look for Barb Nickless’ post Devil in the Details, along with Jennifer Lovette’s piece on Facebook algorithms and Jasons Evans’ next installment about villains in historical fiction, plus more!
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Going But Not Gone

Greetings Readers…

Time for a changing of the guard. 

It’s been a privilege and a pleasure to serve as Managing Editor for Pikes Peak Writers Blog. I’ve had the opportunity to work with a talented group of professionals, and I’ve enjoyed my run.

Today the capable Kathie Scrimgeour takes on the position of Managing Editor. You’ll recognize her name as she’s been contributing editor for PPW’s Sweet Success and Meet the Member. You may reach Kathie at  

Although I’m stepping aside in this role, I’m not leaving. You’ll see me around as contributing editor for Birthdays & Quotes and perhaps the occasional post.

Profile Photo of Gabrielle V Brown Managing Editor Pikes Peak Writers BlogSee what I’m writing about at my  Facebook Page and website. 

Keep in touch!  I can reached at