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We Are Looking for YOU!

Are you that person who loves to socialize and be a part of something great? Have you ever asked what more you could do to keep that writing spark alive? The solution is simpler than you might think.

Pikes Peak Writers is an organization built and run solely by people who dedicate just a little bit of their time. You can be one of those people. PPW’s BoD has a few positions open that just might be the perfect fit for you. These positions vary on how much, or little, time it takes to fulfill the obligation.

We Need YOU!!

On September 15th the board of directors will meet to elect several positions. If you are one of the special people who want to take your career to the next level, we are looking for you. The open positions are: Member at Large, Secretary, Vice President, and President.

Read on for a punch list of what each job entails. This is not a full listing of responsibilities, but the most important.

  • THE PRESIDENT is the public face of the organization when possible at events and conferences, answering any phone messages, and negotiating contracts. The president organizes the quarterly board meeting, along with the agenda (the Vice President often assists), while facilitating communication among board members when a topic must be discussed (and potentially voted on) via email between board meetings. With the Secretary, they organize the election slate.
  • THE VICE PRESIDENT shall assist the President in the performance of his/her duties, fulfill any other duties assigned by the President, and assume the duties of the President if needed.
  • THE SECRETARY attends the board meetings, takes notes, compiles and cleans up the notes after the meeting, and gets them out to the rest of the board. Needs to track motions, seconds, votes, passage, or failure of motions, too. If bylaw changes are made, the official documents need to be updated and filed accurately on Google Drive.
    He or she also works with the president to put together the slate of nominees each year for the September elections and disseminates the slate and attendant documents to the board.
  • Members at Large (MAL) will attend the board meetings, provide input on issues discussed during board meetings, and has a voting right on issues that require a vote. A MAL must head up a committee, or serve on a committee, such as NCE, Social Media, Editor, or in any other capacity that is needed within the organization.

Pikes Peak Writers is one of the best organizations for writers and is run by writers like you. If you are interested in one of these positions, please send your interest to Kathie Scrimgeour (Member at Large) Also, visit PPW’s website for more information on the organization.