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Pen Drop Picks Contest Opens Tomorrow

Readers, today we share with you a new writing contest, courtesy of The Pen Drop Coffee Break Meetup and local author and Pikes Peak Writers member Ronnie Lee Graham Please note this contest is not sponsored by nor directly associated with Pikes Peak Writers.  We support our members by sharing their success, news, and announcements. Pikes Peak Writers are encouraged to submit entries, please see entry instructions below.

Pen Drops Picks Contest ~ August 1, 2018.

The inaugural “Pen Drop Picks” Writers Contest opens tomorrow, August 1, 2018.
The words on the back cover are a key factor in whether readers decide to put your book in their shopping cart, or continue looking. In less than 250 words, the author must sum up the plot, without giving too much away, while still capturing the imagination of the reader. It is a sales pitch cleverly disguised as an introduction to a story.
Writers are invited to submit their back cover blurbs, those 250 words (max) most often used by readers to decide to buy, or put back a book.


Sponsored by the Pen Drop Coffee Break on Meetup and Pikes Peak Writers member Ronnie Lee Graham, the Pen Drop Picks contest will award $75 for the first place winner, $25 for second, and honorable mention to other entries (at the judges discretion).

How to Enter

No purchase or payment of any kind is necessary to enter or win this contest, but entries are limited to the first fifty submissions.
To enter, email the back cover blurb, 250 words or less, for your current work-in-progress, or completed, unpublished manuscript to: Entries are accepted from August 1st through Sept. 15th. Include your entry in the body of your email, attachments will not be opened.

Judging and Awards

A panel of judges, all avid readers, will score each entry on a scale of 1-5 with 1 being the lowest, based solely on how much the blurb would drive their purchase decision. Judges will provide feedback in select instances, however not all entries will receive comments.
Winners will be notified by reply email no later than October 15th (if you don’t hear from us, you didn’t win). Prizes will be provided in the form of gift cards and certificates.
Scoring results can be requested by email.

Ronnie Lee Graham HeadshotAuthor Ronnie Lee Graham’s first book was And Then, The Train Wrecked, a nonfiction narrative on grief and life. He now writes Christian fiction, and his novels Inventor and Nfin8Echo are available on Amazon. A retired military officer, he lives in Colorado. where he runs, writes, and does volunteer work.

Learn more about Ronnie Lee Graham on his website, on Amazon and on Facebook and twitter.  You may email him at