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Sweet Success for Debbie Burke

Until Proven Guilty, by: Debbie Burke

Hooray for Debbie Burke! Her latest thriller, UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY, was recently released from Media Management LLC (March 2022). This is book #7 in her Tawny Lindholm Thrillers with Passion series.


When the law prevents justice…When DNA isn’t enough…When a lie is the truth.
Investigator Tawny Lindholm and her attorney-husband Tillman Rosenbaum juggle three baffling cases where DNA is supposed to prove guilt or innocence. Instead, it reveals deception and betrayal, triggering a crisis in their marriage, and an unimaginable threat to their family. Purchase a copy through Books2Read


Debbie Burke, Author

Debbie Burke writes the Tawny Lindholm Thrillers with Passion series. She’s a regular on The Kill Zone blog and is on staff for two senior newspapers. Her first book, INSTRUMENT OF THE DEVIL, won the PPW’s Zebulon Award. Visit the author at and follow her on Twitter.

Darby Karchut

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